Kristen's thoughts - 

You know that feeling when you’re walking in the dark and you think you know the right direction but really just want a flashlight?  Isabel is that flash of light that’ll guide your path.

Chelsey's thoughts -

I am so thankful I found Isabel!  As opposed to my experience with more conventional therapy, which always felt like psychological chess to me, I have found this process to be fascinating, intuitive, insightful, and always gentle.  Isabel has given me tools to better understand and let go of habitual emotional patterns I have struggled with for years, and I have no doubt this experience will continue to help me for the rest of my life!

Jon's thoughts - 

Isabel has healed me on every level from physical recovery to guiding a more spiritually present perspective.  By working closely with her I have Improved my conscious clarity and she has taught me to hone in on a mentally strong approach to life."  The ups and downs are forever present but having the tools to chisel through the noise Feels like a fantastic personal investment in time and effort.

Melody's thoughts - 

Isabel has a deeply nurturing and healing presence.  From the moment I walked in the door I could feel her genuine and authentic investment in my wellbeing and comfort.  The intuitively guided massage I received from her provided my whole being the acknowledgement and encouragement i needed to experience the gentle yet profound healing and growth that i had come to her for. 

Lisa's Thoughts -

Isabel Fagoaga is a talented healer who uses a holistic approach to work with clients in session.  Unlike most traditional, left-brain focused talk therapists, Isabel utilizes psychosomatic techniques to rid both the body and mind of negative patterning.  I have been seeing her for six months and I already feel so much more like my natural, authentic self—the self whom I was distanced from due to anxiety and uncertainty.  Isabel works to undo the self-limiting conditioning we, as humans, experience so as to let our truest light shine.  I would highly recommend Isabel to everyone! Five out of five stars!

Shailaja's Thoughts -

I have been working with Isabel for many years and regard her as a massage therapist, Yoga teacher and therapist extraordinaire.  In fact, receiving my first massage from Isabel introduced a whole new dimension of Holistic Health in my life of a software professional.  She has been my inspiration for taking a Yoga teacher training program and my safety net as I ventured into my healing journey.

Isabel has an intuitive gift and talent for zeroing in on the underlying currents influencing particular behavioral patterns.  She holds space beautifully for me to explore the ‘Places that Scare You ‘ (as Pema Chodron calls them).  She journeys with me, knowing exactly what I need at a certain time and gently guides me towards discovering my True Self and claiming my Power.  She is there for me during my darkest times, always accessible by texts or phone calls.  Her comforting presence and Mother Earth energy embrace me as I break down, and break through deep, dark and desperate issues.  She is there on the other end of the tunnel, holding out her hand and rejoicing with me.

She has been the catalyst and guide for me to transform my life and move into Light, Love, Joy and Peace.  I am blessed to have her in my life.

George's thoughts -

Isabel Fagoaga is a therapist, life coach, peacebuilder,
educator, author and poet.  She was my therapist/life
coach for one year and I experienced great joy,
recovery of my true self and a major shift in the
paradigm that was at the helm of my life.  Now I
continue to apply Isabel’s tools, gifts, gentle guidance throughout my life as I work ahead toward a happier existence on every level.  Isabel’s passion to work for peace, rooting out the fundamental causes of human conflict from the view and consistency of her purpose; the happiness of each individual client.  Isabel has a well spring of education and information to share at the right moment with each individual client.  I am sure she has already received her doctorate and will become a great leader in the self help/self care/health/healing arts field for she is one of
the greatest healing artists I have met.

When I was very young around at the age of just
becoming cognizant my grandmother used to walk to a store called Isabel’s that always had my favorite treats to digest plus the Isabel was always pleasant and friendly.  Somehow I felt the spirit of my grandmother bringing me to Isabel in order to feel better.  Because of my time spent each week in her sessions I not only felt better after the session and throughout the week, I consistently felt better and became confident enough to fly solo once again.  By developing initiatives from my session I was able to activate many other areas of peace, and sanity within my life.

I am often finding myself pondering whether to further my own studies that led Isabel to create a great platform for each individual to shape their lives and dreams around a lasting inner peace and value.  I look forward to the day when I am able to pursue these studies and hopefully seek Isabel as a mentor in that process as well.  Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts.